" Breathtaking," “exquisitely beautiful”, “exceptional craftsmanship” and “timeless appeal” are but a few of the expressions used to describe the remarkable, award-winning jewelry of Sydney Scherr.

Each of Sydney’s creations expresses something extraordinary about the individual it adorns. Precious metals, gemstones and enamel radiate with an intrinsic beauty that she uses to create exquisite wearable imagery.


Emerald Leaf Necklace

Emerald Leaf Necklace - Back

Reversible Cloisonné Enamel Bead Necklace
24, 22, 18k gold. One side cloisonné enamel, reverse side is 18k with .08CT demantoid garnet. 3 strands of graduated faceted emerald beads totaling 172CT and a custom 14k clasp.


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