Personal experience and the telling of the story motivate my work.

The Talisman Rattle series is also motivated by the desire to define healing as I relate the stories foundation. Living in the Ancient One’s Healing Grounds in Arizona transformed my sense of spirituality and connectedness. Following a crisis, I began making rattles -- my personal talismans -- unaware that the Native American culture used them ritualistically as a path towards healing. Beyond the imagery, sound and movement are consistent traits in all of the talisman rattles.

Talisman Rattles have now evolved into sculptural work independent of a healing path. These works continue to denote a desire to relate a story, yet the story has a more defined focus. I think of this change as having moved from novel to Haiku.


Growth Rhythms

Growth Rhythms detail
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Sterling and fine silver, 24k gold, copper, cloisonné enamel, aventurine, garnet, hematite, Turquoise, rutilated quartz, tigers eye and ruby. Purple heart wood.

7'2" x 20" x 4 1/2"




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